Marco Randria - Composer

Bring Life to Emotions

Whether your project is a movie, a documentary, an advertisement or a video game, I will create a custom made soundscape based on your needs.

My goal is to drive emotions through the music, in synchronization with the visual media provided. Music lifts stories to a higher level, underlining emotions produced by visuals and by creating a complementary story within the original one.

I will accompany you through the whole process, from creating musical ideas to orchestrating the piece for a full Symphony Orchestra or a band, and produce the Soundtrack to be broadcast on any media.


  • composing

    Want a tailor made synced soundtrack for your feature film or documentary ?
    Need an immersive and interactive music for your latest video game ?
    Need a unique and catchy tune for your brand or show ?

    Music will enhance the viewer experience by supporting visual elements and reaching emotional depth.
    Using Composition and Sound Design, I can help you to have a personal audio identity on any media.

  • orchestration

    Orchestration and arrangement can transform a simple melody into a rich musical journey.
    Orchestration can be suited for a chamber orchestra (4 players) to a full symphony orchestra (100 players).

    Classical music is mainly used in movies thanks to its variety of color and dynamic.
    But Jazz, Rock, Ethnic or Electronic music can also add a special flavor to the sound.

    Hybrid Orchestration helps these flavors to blend together to a unique soundscape.

  • mixing

    Once your personalized soundtrack is composed and orchestrated, post-production will prepare your music to be best experienced in any broadcasting situation.

    Mixing will fine tune your piece so each important detail can be heard by the audience. It will also accentuate dynamics to emphasize emotional depth.
    Mastering will set the best audio experience on any device, whether your music is played in a movie theater, a TV set or even a phone.

Marco randria
Media Composer / Orchestrator / Sound Designer

Former IT Manager, I am a multi-instrumentalist and a music composer specialized in Film, TV and video games. I have been professionally composing and performing for 10 years for various genres, bands and medias. I have produced music themes for TV ads and short films, and have been recently certified by Berklee College of Music as a Film, TV and Video Game Composer. I am open minded about any genre, which made me proficient in classical music, modern music, EDM or ethnic music to name a few.

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